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New stuff!!!!!!

2010-01-30 21:34:17 by Dude09

Hey hey, after a long haitus thanks to college, i'll be submitting woks more often, including some things I've done for classes. So hope you enjoy my new submissions :3


2009-09-06 13:45:32 by Dude09

new post, this time i pay tribute to one of my fav. composers, nobuo uematsu, enjoy :3


2009-06-26 14:11:04 by Dude09

Hopefully I did this amazing song justice with my arrangement of it.

new song

2009-04-17 06:51:52 by Dude09

hey new song, its called "An Innocent Heart." check it out.

hey new idea

2009-02-23 20:30:36 by Dude09

okay i'm getting bored. so, like i posted in the forums, I got an idea to have a competition or collab.

The topic would either be Russian Composers or Final Fantasy Music. Let me know what ya think.

My top ten for MAC09

2009-02-12 22:16:32 by Dude09

10.!! Butterfly !! (entry MAC9)- Carl
9. Inamorata (collab III) - Stan
8. -Together- (Piano)- Mrmilkcarton
7. Night Before the Battle- brokendeck
6. 425} No One Else MAC9- Michael425
5. Love's Inclination- SinJim
4. After the Rain- BlazingDragon
3. The Beating of my Heart- Jabicho
2. Flawless Love- Mjattie
1. Rose-Coloured Hindsight- curriemaster

There it is. I can't remember the last time i had this much fun judging =D


2009-01-31 10:20:58 by Dude09

I'm now an official member of ASCAP (the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers), which means I should have my songs published soon. To those who have requested my music, thanks for being patient, I'll be sending them over soon.


2009-01-28 22:46:23 by Dude09

Hey, for the heck of it, i want to organize a collab, i dont know how to put one together. so 1. i would be very grateful if someone could teach me how and 2. i would love any ideas for a collab.